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We pay top dollar for your indian baskets, navajo rugs, old indian pottery, old photos & artifacts. We will travel to you anywhere in the United States to evaluate and buy collections or single items. Please contact us.

We buy Indian baskets made by the following Native American tribes:

Tolowa Indian Baskets
Karok Indian Baskets
Modoc Indian Baskets
Paiute Indian Baskets
Achomawi Indian Baskets
Pit River Indian Baskets
Atsugewi Indian Baskets
Hat Creek Indian Baskets
Wintun Indian Baskets
Yurok Indian Baskets
Hupa Hoopa Indian Baskets
Karuk Indian Baskets
Pomo Indian Baskets
Maidu Indian Baskets
Miwok Indian Baskets
Yokut Indian Baskets
Yuki Indian Baskets
Wiyot Indian Baskets
Mono Indian Baskets
Panamint Indian Baskets
Chumash Indian Baskets
Mission Indian Baskets
Serrano Indian Baskets
Gabrielino Indian Baskets
Chhuilla Indian Baskets
Chemehuevi Indian Baskets
Luiseno Indian Baskets
Hualapai Indian Baskets
Havasupai Indian Baskets
Pima Indian Baskets
Papago Indian Baskets
Apache Indian Baskets
Yavapai Indian Baskets
Navajo Indian Baskets
Hopi Indian Baskets
Chitimachan Indian Baskets
Choctan Indian Baskets
Cherokee Indian Baskets
Tlingits Indian Baskets
Aleutian Indian Baskets
Attu Indian Baskets
Shasta Indian Baskets
Klamath Indian Baskets
Nootka Indian Baskets
Makah Indian Baskets
Salish Indian Baskets
Haida Indian Baskets
Tulare Indian Baskets
Karok and many other tribes.

We buy baskets made by the following Native American basket weavers:

Lucy Telles, Carrie Bethel, Minnie Mike, Tina Charlie, Nellie Charlie, Louise Hickox, Elizabeth Hickox, Polly Steve, Mary Wrinkle, Maggie Juaquin, Isabel Hanson, Laura Shaw, Maggie Bellas, Tina Dock, Maggie Howard, Lizzie Stevens, Alice Wilson, Leanne Tom, Emma Murphy, Sally Edd, Mrs. Dick Francisco, Minnie Hancock, Dat So La Lee, Louisa Keyser, Maggie James, Sara Mayo, Tootsie Dick, Lillie James, Jennie Shaw, Scees Bryant, Lizzy Peters, Sally Snooks, Neola Pete, Elsie Allen, Annie Lake, Laura Somersal, Susanne Holder, Lydia Faught, Annie Boone, Mabel McKay, Mary Snyder, Selena La Marr, Bertha Mitchell, Amanda Wilson, Lucy Baker, Amy Smoker, Selena Jackson, Ina Davies Jackson, Mrs Graham, Magdelena Augustine, Guadalupe Arenas, Aida Icho, Mary South Hill, Anne Land, Annie Williams, Rose Jacks, Nellie Griffin, Kitty George, Melissa Meyers, Annie Roberts, Fanny Smoker, Emily Gordon, Bertha Peter, Elsie Young, Nellie Dowd, Amy Smoker, Lottie James, Sonie Boskey, Nellie Cooper, Carrie Robert (Carrie Jim), Nellie Ruben, Nettie Ruben, Mrs Frank Reece, Mary Ike, Emilly Donahue, Georgia Orcutt (Georgia Henry), Daisy Jones, Mrs Red Cap Tom, Mrs J. Allen, Lizzie Hickox, Lousia (Louise) Hickox, Hazel Harry, Mrs. Frank Offield, Dora Davis, Mrs Elsie MacGlaufin (McGlaughlin), Annie Super, Nellie Johnson, Maggie Charley, Susy Pepper, Lucinda Jake, Mrs. G. Jake, Eliza Elliott, Mary Jacobs, Cora Wells, Madeline Charley, Mrs. Josephine Smoker Cambell, Ellen Quimbly, Carrie Steven, Jucinda Jack, Emma Dushey Frank, Emma Duskey, Sara Davis, and Mrs. Redwood Sam


We Buy Pottery made by:

Nampeyo, Fannie Nampeyo, and Nampeyo Family, Margaret Tafoya, Frog Woman, Joy Navasie, Maria, Marie, Maria & Julian, Maria Poveka, Marie & Santana, Marie / Popovi, Tony Da, Maria & Popovi Da, Rose Gonsales, Sarafina Tafoya, Helen Cordero, Lucy Lewis, Margaret & Luther, Joseph Lonewolf, Grace Medicine Flower, Terisita Naranjo, Blue Corn, Marie Chino, Elva Nampeyo, Christina Naranjo, Tonita Roybal, Tony Da, Maria & Adam, and Feather Woman

We Buy Pueblo Pottery:

Hopi, Acoma, Laguna, Zia, Santo Domingo, Cochiti, Jemez, Santa Clara, San Ildeonso, Zuni, Mojava, Yuman

We buy Indian Pottery of many types. If you don't see what you have listed, please let us know. We buy pueblo pottery from many Native American tribes.

We Buy Navajo Blankets & Rugs:

Two Grey Hills, Red Mesa, Teec Noc Pos, Shiprock, Lukachukai, Crystal, Ganado, Wide Ruins, Cheif Blanket, Germantown, Pictorial Navajo Rugs, Yei, Yeibichai, Childs Blankets, Womans Wearing Blanket, Eye Dazzler, Storm Pattern, Rugs & Blankets in all sizes, colors and designs

Don't see what you have?

We buy Indian Baskets, Pueblo Pottery, Navajo Blankets and Navajo Rugs from most Native American tribes. Please contact us if you have a peice from a Native American artisan tribe not listed.

Please contact us to if you have Indian Baskets, Pueblo Pottery, Navajo Blankets and Navajo Rugs for us to buy. We buy old Native American items.

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