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Native American Indian Basket Book: Yurok-Karok Basket Weavers

Yurok-Karok Basket Weavers

by: Lila M O'Neale

softbound 183 pages B&W
58 Photo Plates
$26.00 plus Shipping & Handling

Originally published in 1932, Lila O'Neale based this book on her field studies and interviews that she collected while visiting the Klamath river area in the summer of 1929. This book explores basketry designs, weavers attitudes towards weaving & baskets based on interviews with of 50 informants. Find out that the weavers thought about basketry designs!! Informants where: Annie Williams, Rose Jacks, Nellie Griffin, Kitty George, Melissa Meyers, Annie Roberts, Fanny Smoker, Emily Gordon, Bertha Peter, Elsie Young, Nellie Dowd, Amy Smoker, Lottie James, Sonie Boskey, Nellie Cooper, Carrie Robert (Carrie Jim), Nellie Ruben, Nettie Ruben, Mrs Frank Reece, Mary Ike, Emilly Donahue, Georgia Orcutt (Georgia Henry), Daisy Jones, Mrs Red Cap Tom, Mrs J. Allen, Lizzie Hickox, Lousia (Louise) Hickox, Hazel Harry, Mrs. Frank Offield, Dora Davis, Mrs Elsie MacGlaufin (McGlaughlin), Annie Super, Nellie Johnson, Maggie Charley, Susy Pepper, Lucinda Jake, Mrs. G. Jake, Eliza Elliott, Mary Jacobs, Cora Wells, Madeline Charley, Mrs. Josephine Smoker Cambell, Ellen Quimbly, Carrie Steven, Jucinda Jack, Emma Dushey Frank, Emma Duskey, Sara Davis, and Mrs. Redwood Sam.

Native American Indian Basket Book: Panamint Shoshone Basketry

Panamint Shoshone Basketry
An American Art Form

by: Eva Slater

Deluxe Edition / hardbound
$97.00 plus Shipping & Handling

Trade Edition / softbound
$43.00 plus Shipping & Handling,

Historical photographs of Panamint Indian basket weavers. Most noted Isabel Hanson, Mamie Gregory, Mary Wrinkle, Maggie Juaquin, Maggie Bellas, Sarah Hunter, Laura Shaw, Tina Dock. Photographs by George Wharton James.

Native American Indian Basket Book: Tradition and Innovation

Tradition and Innovation

A basket history of the Indians of the Yosemite - Mono Lake area
by: Craig Bates, Martha J. Lee

Out of print. Check for price and availability.

A wonderful book full of historical indian/yosemite field days. Photos of famous weavers and their baskets. Most noted Lucy Telles, Carrie Bethel, Minnie Mike, Tina Charlie, Nellie Charlie, Maggie Howard, Lizzie Stevens, Alice Wilson, Edna Foster, Leanna Tom and Emma Murphy. See many old photographs of Yosemite Field Day indian baskets and beaded indian baskets.

Native American Indian Basket Book: Fibers and Forms
Fibers and Forms:
Native American Basketry of the West

By Ken Hedges
$22 plus Shipping & Handling

Covers Native American basketry from Alaska's Baleen baskets, Aleut rye-grass baskets, Tlingit baskets, to Northern California Klamath-Modoc tule baskets. Also shown Wintu Wintun, Pit River, Karuk Hoopa, Yurok, Karok, Pomo, Maidu, Yokuts Tulare Bottleneck, Gambling trays, Apache Pima, Maricopa, Mescalero, Havasypai, Hopi indian baskets, Mission baskets from Ramona Lubo, Celestina La Cachapa, Petra Pico, Dominicana, Carmalita La Chappa
Native American Indian Basket Book: Elizabeth Hickox
Elizabeth Conrad Hickox
Baskets from the Center of the World

67 pages, softbound
$78 plus Shipping & Handling
(if available at time of order)
Copy 1991, Out of Print

Includes 24 photos of baskets made by Elizabeth Hickox, Louise Hickox, & Polly Steve, Elizabeth's mother.
Native American Basket Books: Native American Indian Basket Book: Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade
Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade
Elizabeth and Louise Hickox

by: Marvin Cohodas Ph.D
$43.00 plus Shipping & Handling

This book has many historical photos of Elizabeth Hickox, Louise Hickox and their baskets. Also contains good photos of Pasadena basket dealer Grace Nicholson and her gallery.
Native American Basket Book: The Fine Art Of California Indian Basketry
The Fine Art Of California Indian Basketry

by: Brian Bibby
$22 plus Shipping & Handling

Presenting sixty-two color plates of beautiful baskets created by California's native weavers including Maria Marta, Lucy Baker, Bertha Mitchell, Amanda Wilson, Jennie Miller, Ella Johnson, Mary Tecuyas, Amy Smoker, Ada Charles, Ulysses Goode, Mrs Graham, Magdelena Augustine, Guadalupe Arenas, Elizabeth Hickox, Selana La Marr, Laura Somersal, and Carrie Bethel
Native American Basket Book: Remember Your Relations
Remember Your Relations
The Elsie Allen
Baskets, Family & Friends

by: Suzanne Abel-Vidor, Dot Brovamey,
and Susan Billy
$24 plus Shipping & Handling

Features Annie Burke, and daughter Elsie Allen, and their basket collection. Also features Pomo Indian basket weavers Mary Arnold, Susie Billy, Rhonda Knight, Ethel Burke, Annie Lake, Laura Somersal, Suzanne Holder, Lydia Faught, Annie Boone, Mabel McKay, Solome Alcantra, Nora Cooper. A great book on Pomo indian baskets.
Native American Basket Book: Handbook of Yokuts Indians
Handbook of Yokuts Indians

by: Frank F. Latta
1978 hardbound, 765 pages
Out of print
Subject to availability, check for price

A wonderful book on Yokuts Indians and Yokuts Indian basketry. Features Yokuts Snake baskets, Yokuts Bottleneck baskets, Creation Baskets by Minnie Wilcox, Aida Icho, Wykchumne Yokut, Squaw Valley Yokuts baskets, Wahnomkot, Mrs. Dick Francisco, and Mrs. Ben Hancock.

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