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We offer a variety of popular, hard to find and rare art books.  Our selection includes California Art books and Native American Indian Basket books. Please contact us directly to order our art books.

California Art Books

Plein-Air Painters of California: The North

Plein-Air Painters of California: The North

by Westphal Publishing
hardbound, 220 pages
200 illustrations (142 in color)

price TBD

This book contains essays & photographs of paintings of 25 northern California painters. Also included are essays on development of art, society of six, and Arthur Mathews & Lucia Mathews. Painters included ; Carl Oscar Borg, Anne Bremer, Joseph Breuer, Giuseppe Cadenasso, Emil Carlsen, Colin Cambell Cooper, Paul Dougherty, E. Charlton Fortune, John Gamble, Percy Gray, Armin Hansen, Clark Hobart, Xavier Martinez, Arthur Mathews, Lucia Mathews, Francis McComas, Thomas McGlynn, Mary DeNeale Morgan, Bruce Nelson, Eugen Neuhaus, John O'Shea, Jules Pages, Charles Rollo Peters, Gottardo Piazzoni, Joseph Raphael, William Ritschel, Theodore Wores, William Keith, DeWitt Parshall.

Plein-Air Painters of California: The Southland

Plein-Air Painters of California: The Southland

by Westphal Publishing
hardbound, 216 pages
Full Color Plates
price TBD

This book contains essays & photographs of paintings of 26 southern California painters including Dana Bartlett, Franz Bishoff, Benjamin Brown, Frank Tolles Chamberlin, Alson Skinner Clark, John Bond Francisco, Sam Hyde Harris, Clarence Hinkle, Paul Lauritz, Jean Mannheim, Hanson Duvall Puthuff, Granville Redmond, Guy Rose, Donna Shuster, Jack Wilkinson, Elmer Wachtel, Marion Kavanagh Wachtel, George Kenneth Brandriff, Frank Cuprien, William Alexandar Griffith, Anna Althea Hills, Thomas L. Hunt, Joseph Kleitsch, Edgar Alwin Payne, George Gardner Symons, William Wendt, Maurice Braun, Charles Arthur Fries, Alfred Mitchell, and Charles Reiffel.

Native Grandeur: Preserving California's Vanishing Landscapes

Native Grandeur
Preserving California's Vanishing Landscapes
by: The Nature Conservancy

softbound, 136 pages
Full Color Plates, $22.00 plus Shipping & Handling

Reflection on California's past landscapes and thoughts of preserving landscapes for future generations. A must book!!! Wonderful paintings of California by California's premier landscape painters. Features paintings by William Wendt, Edgar Payne, Raymond Nott, Emil Kosa Jr., William Griffith, Guy Rose, Paul Grimm, Frank Cuprien, Elmer Wachtel, Paul Lauritz, Maurice Braun, Carl Oscar Borg, Virgil WIlliams, Edward Simmons, Norton Bush, Julian Rix, Amedee Joulin, Thad Welch, Franz Bishoff, Arthur Hill Gilbert, Gordon Coutts, William Keith, Granville Redmond, Hanson Puthuff, Ben Brown, William F. Jackson, and many more.

Palette of Light: California Paintings from the Irvine Museum
Palette of Light
California Paintings from the Irvine Museum

softbound, 64 pages
Color $22.00 plus Shipping & Handling

Over 45 color plates of paintings done by California plein-air painters. See paintings by William Wendt, Anna Hills, Franz Bishoff, Marion Kavanagh Wachtel, William Lee Judson, Gordon Coutts, Granville Redmond, Paul Dougherty, Alfred Mitchell, George Garner Symons, Clark Hobart, Guy Rose, Amedee Joullin, Sam Hype Harris, Percy Gray, Chris Jorgensen, John Gamble, Karl Yens, Jack Wilkinson Smith, Elmer Wachtel, Edgar Payne, Arthur Rider, Paul Grimm, Alson Clark, Charles Reiffel, Anna Hills, Paul Lauritz, Armin Hansen, John Frost, and Millard Sheets
The Society of Six: California Colorists
The Society of Six
California Colorists

by: Nancy Boas
softbound, 224 pages
Color $48.00 plus Shipping & Handling

A comprehensive book that traces the lives of six men that formed and association which brought vivid color, dashing brushwork and expressive energy into the California Bay Area art scene. Selden Gile, Maurice Logan, William Clapp, August Gay, Bernard Von Eichman, Louis Siegriest were pioneers of modernism & on the cutting edge of innovation. They painted together for 15 years. Nancy Boas is praised for her work and information as an author.
Masters of Light: Plein-Air Painting in California
Masters of Light
Plein-Air Painting in California

The Irvine Museum
Softbound 196 pages
$23.00 plus Shipping & Handling

An introduction by Joan Irvine Smith links fine art and natural history to bring public awareness to critical environmental issues facing mankind. A must buy book! Paintings by William Wendt, Edgar Payne, John Frost, Colin Cambell Cooper, Thomas Hill, William Coulter, Edwin Deakin, Guy Rose, Douglass Fraser, Joseph Kleitsch, Franz Bishoff, Elmer Wachtel, Granville Redmond, Harrie Cassie Best, Marion Kavanagh Wachtel, George Gardner Symons, Jack Wilkinson Smith, Theodore Wores, Alson Clark, Maurice Braun, Paul Grimm, Charles Rollo Peters, Selden Gile, Hermon Herzog, Raymond D Yelland, Armin Hansen, Paul Dougherty,William Ritschel, John Gamble, Benjamin Brown, Alice Chittenden, Meta Cressey, Frank Cuprien, E. Charlton Fortune, Sam Hyde Harris, Bruce Nelson, Paul Lauritz,Jean Mannheim, Thos. L Hunt, Anna A Hills, Alfred Mitchell, Frank Meyers.
The Legendary Artists of Taos
The Legendary Artists of Taos

by: Mary Carroll Nelson

hardbound 175 pages
Color Plates
Out of print, check for price & availability

Printed in 1980, this book reveals the lives, careers and art of the legendary "Taos Art Colony" artists. Joseph Henry Sharp, Bert Phillips, Ernest Blumenschein, Oscar Berninghaus, E. Irving Couse, Herbert Duton, Victor Higgins, Walter Ufer, E. Martin Hennings, Catherine Carter Critcher. Also includes other artists that came to Taos later; Leon Gaspard, Andrew Dasburg, Howard Cook, Barbara Latham, John Ward Lockwood, Cady Wells, Helen Blumenschein, Ida McAdee, Gene Floss, Regina Cook, John Young Hunter, Nicolai Fechin, Robert Henri, Marsden Hartley, John Marin, Dorthy Brett, and Emil Bistram.
All Things Bright & Beautiful:  California Impressionist Paintings from the Irvine Museum
All Things Bright & Beautiful
California Impressionist Paintings from the Irvine Museum

The Irvine Museum
softbound, 200 pages color plates
$23.00 plus Shipping & Handling

An exhibition of California Paintings presented by The Board of Directors & Staff of the Irvine Museum. See paintings be Mary DeNeale Morgan, Arthur Hill Gilbert, William F. Jackson, William Wendt, Paul Lauritz, Guy Rose, Alfred Mitchell, Bruce Nelson, Hanson Puthuff, Edgar Payne, Elmer Watchel, Marion Kavanaugh Watchel, John Gamble, Granville Redmond, Arthur G. Rider, John Frost, Alson Clark, Karl Yens, Anna Hills, Jean Mannheim, Joseph Kleitsch, Ben Brown, Franz Bishoff, Colin Cambell Cooper, Thomas Hunt, Sam Hyde Harris, George Brandriff, Donna Shuster, Meta Cressy, Benjamin Brown, Maurice Braun, Charles Reiffel, Theodore Wores, and Armin Hansen.
Romance of the Bells: The California Missions in Art
Romance of the Bells
The California Missions in Art

The Irvine Museum
softbound, 127 pages
$22.00 plus Shipping & Handling

View California's missions as painted by over 100 historical California artists. Includes paintings by Edward Deakin, Franz Bishoff, Alson Clark, Roy Ropp, Colin Cambell Cooper, Arthur G. Rider, Edith White, Guy Rose, Manuel Valencia, Charles Rogers, Paul Grimm, Jules Tavernier, Henry Chapman Ford, Frank P. Sauerwein, Theodore Wores, A. Marshall, Fannie Duvall, Chris Jorgensen, Joseph Kleitch, George Brandriff, Elmer Wachtel, W.E. Rollins, H.G. Maratta, Anna A Hills, William Wendt, Charles Percy Austin, Sydney Lawrence, William Keith, William Adam, Virgil Williams, Carl Oscar Borg, Jules Pages, Benjamin Brown, Arthur Hill Gilbert, Charles Rollo Peters.


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